Friday, November 18, 2011

A Tale of Two Articles

My dream of being a writer just got a little boost! One of my articles was chosen to be featured on the website for the company with whom I freelance!!! I am so excited. I wrote two articles. One was on single-parenting and the other was about step-parenting. The article about step-parenting was chosen! I would like to thank all the single mothers who let me interview them on their experience, especially Mercedes Williams-Foxworth who provided valuable insight. I would also like to thank all the stepmothers who provided insight, my husband who helped me make some edits and, ultimately, my stepdaughter! Without my stepdaughter Abby, I would not have the inspiration to write on a topic with which so many step-parents struggle.
I will post my original articles and then I will post the abbreviated website version of the step-parenting article.

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