Saturday, April 28, 2012

Successful Online Learning

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How to write a strong thesis statement

Today I held a seminar on writing a good thesis statement and supportive details. I think it went very well. A few of the attendees came up to me afterwards and said they wished they had this information prior to the end of this semester. I now know to hold this this particular seminar early in the semester. Since this was my first seminar, I was a little nervous. I really did not expect many students to show up to a Saturday afternoon seminar, but I had a full class. In fact, I ran out of copies!

One of my former students was there and she told another student, "Professor Campbell is good and fast!" I like that...I guess? Well, since so I'm speedy, I'll share my tips for tthesis statements with you!

Thesis Statement = Fact + Opinion
ex. Because the Internet is filled with tremendous marketing potential, companies should exploit this potential by using Web pages that offer both advertising and customer support.

A good thesis statement should answer one question; therefore, it should have one main idea. If you have more than one main idea, then you may not have a clear focus for your writing!

A good thesis statement can be argued.
Ex. Because Banana Herb Tea Supplement promotes rapid weight loss that results in the loss of muscle and lean body mass, it poses a potential danger to customers.
One could argue that the supplement promotes weight loss through the use of healthy, organic herbs.

The following questions can be used to guide your writing, especially when developing thesis statements and supporting details. These particular questions work well when writing an analysis paper on a piece of literature or journal article. I have my students complete current events activities. They choose one current event (usually an opinion piece) to wrto turn into an argumentative essay.
What is the writer’s position on this issue? Why is it important?
What benefits would be realized or what problems would be eliminated
What evidence (facts/statistics, personal examples, expert testimony) do you have in support of your argument?
What arguments go AGAINST your claim? What are the counterarguments? What could you say to rebut those counterarguments?

The above information is a snapshot of what we covered. Overall, remember that your thesis statement is the basis for your argument. It needs to be introduced early on in your
writing. Your thesis statement needs to state a fact and your opinion on that fact.

References: Indiana University

Friday, April 20, 2012

How to Blog

Thinking of starting a blog? Check out these tips

on starting a blog that will make you happy and possibly rich!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Financial Trading? Yes, Please!

I'm quickly learning this whole freelance writing thing is a big gamble; however, when it works out well, the reward is great! After having Joel, I kind of felt lost. I struggled to find my identity. I no longer knew if being a teacher was what I really wanted to do. Luckily, I had a little help from Craiglist and a little inspiration from Joel. Yes. Contrary to my fears, Joel did not ruin my career, but he helped me redefine my career and reignited a passion. Freelancing will allow me more time with my bub and allow me to have a career.

If I hadn't been perusing Craigslist, I never would have found my first freelance job. It really was pure magic! Now I am not only actively seeking out freelance jobs, but people are getting in contact with me. Sometimes, it's all about who you know, right?

A friend of mine contacted me today to see if I'd be interested in doing some writing on the financial trading world. I really have no idea what this entails, but I'm pretty stoked to find out more about it. I hope to develop in this area and expand my portfolio.

Stay tuned for more writing on not only the financial trading world, but a few others (I'm a little bit behind in some areas!).

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Robyn O'Brien

I'm going to see Robyn O'Brien, author of The Ugly Truth, speak Saturday morning. I'm super excited. The city of Plano is hosting a Learn 2 Live Green conference and I get to see her speak on her research on the health of the American family and its food system. O'Brien has been hailed as "food's Erin Brocovich."
As a mother, I am thankful for her work. As a writer, I am inspired by her writing. She took her love for her family to create a career that helps her and others. She truly is an insipiration to me and others like me who are embarking on a writing career.
If you are not familiar with Robyn O'Brien, check her out!

Inspiring Writers

I have neglected this little blog in the last month. As soon as things die down a little, I plan to make post more of my writing. That is the reason you are here though. I have some plans for the summer and fall with my writing.
-write more on families
-write more green and healthy eating articles. Since Joely was born I've implemented more eco-friendly products and routines into our home. Although Murad was resistant at first, he's come around. I'm hoping to make it to the Learn to Live Green conference this weekend to get some tips and inspiration for writing.
-include more writing help tools on this blog including lessons and tutorials for struggling writers

I found this little blog today when exploring the NCTE. Jeri is a former English teacher who left the classroom to do freelance writing.
Check her out here!