Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Vision Board Project

As my college students end the semester, I struggle with finding a meaningful assignment that provides reflection, but also reinforces the writing concepts covered in class. I happened upon this assignment (like I do most). My cousin mentioned creating a vision board to help her focus on her at-home business. A quick Google search pulled up a Vision Board Assignment which I altered slightly and added a personal narrative writing assignment. I included a picture of my own vision board as well.

I.  Vision Board

What is a vision board?
A vision board is a collection of images/phrases that represent what you want in the FUTURE.

It is all about YOU and what YOU want.

What it is NOT:
·         A collage of things you like

Some categories to think about:
·   Words of affirmation
·   Health
·   Spirituality
·   Career/College
·   Travel
·   Home/Lifestyle
·   Where you'd like to live
·   Future family/significant other/friends

Assignment Requirements
You may choose one of two options:
1.    Create a digital vision board using Microsoft Word or Publisher
2.    Use a poster board and magazines to create your vision board (if you
choose this option you must provide your own poster board!)

Minimum number of images:  10
Minimum number of words of affirmation:  5

Things to remember –
·         Fill up the entire space…don’t leave white space
·         Put a considerate amount of effort into this assignment
·         If you are creating a digital version – SAVE OFTEN!
·         Remember – you don’t have to know right now HOW you’re going to get these things…you’ll figure that out along the way. You just need a place to start.

II.            Personal Narrative
You will compose a five paragraph essay which reflects on your Vision Board. Your essay must include, but is not limited to, the following information:
·         Introductory Paragraph + thesis statement
·         Concluding Paragraph
·         Descriptions/insight images
·         Descriptions/insights words of affirmations
·         Plans for the future