Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Road Tripping!!

Part of my doctoral program includes traveling to Colorado each summer (not bad, right?) for doctoral seminars. I originally planned to travel alone and possibly have some friends meet me out there for an extended girls trip, but the costs started to add up: hotel, rental car, flight, class, etc. My husband thought of the idea for our family to make a road trip to Colorado! After my accident, we bought a brand new minivan (and for those of you who don't know, my near death experience was sort of a catalyst for my doctoral studies pursuit) and decided why not put it to good use!

This summer, we'll head to California (by plane) to go to Disneyland again, and then a few days after we come back, we'll head to Kansas to visit my parents for a night and then make our way to Loveland, Colorado. On the way back, we'll stop in Kansas again to see my parents.

I'll be in classes all day the entire time we're in Loveland, but since it's only an hour outside of Denver, my husband and kids plan to visit that area. Luckily, we're members of the Perot Museum here in Dallas. Our membership gives us reciprocal membership and free entry into 360 museums worldwide. So, while I'm in class, they'll museum-hop!

I'm so thankful they're joining me on this first leg of my doctoral journey. When I initially applied to the doctoral program, I already considered the impact this all would have on my family. I know that I can't have it all and that part of completing this program will entail being away from them to study or write. However, I hope my journey will have a positive impact on them as well. I think of how important it is for my children to see their mother going after her dreams because often times mothers are seen as one-dimensional and solely existing for their children--a notion I challenge daily with both of my kids who don't seem to understand that their father is equally able to get them snacks. I also hope it encourages them to be strong people and do what they love. I understand that their hopes and dreams may not be related to academics. I also realize that they may not be able to actualize their hopes and dreams until they are much, much older. I just hope they know I'll support them as they make their way. They've supported me and inspired me in so many ways.

We've never taken a road trip this long as a family of four! We have a DVD player in our minivan as well as other PDAs. Any other suggestions for our first family road trip? Watch out, Colorado! Here come the crazy Campbells!

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