Sunday, December 30, 2012

Happy New Year from the Campbells

I have seriously neglected my blog this semester, but I'm hoping I will resume blogging regularly in 2013!
As I reflect on 2012, I feel a mixture of sadness and excitement as it ends. 2012 was a difficult year, but our little Campbell family experienced so much joy as well. Here is our recap of 2012
In May, Murad passed his licensure exam and is now a licensed master social worker! This was truly an exciting day for him and his hard work paid off tremendously. Since earning his license, Murad switched careers and is now a hospice social worker. Working in pallatative care can be exhausting, but Murad is gifted in his care of individuals and families experiencing this difficult time in life. Murad has also become more active in social and professional groups around Dallas. He enjoys the opportunities given to him to network and volunteer in our community
In May, I also experienced a career change as I left K-12 public school teaching after seven years. While I enjoyed enriching the lives of young folks each year, my passion changed once I became a mom. Not wanting to be far from education, I now teach developmental writing part-time at a community college, and serve as a teaching assistant for an online university. In addition to that, I started a small resume-writing service. Working from home and part-time has allowed me to spend more time at home with Joel while still keeping my foot in the door career-wise.
This year also marked a big change for me as I did the "BIG CHOP!" I had been going natural for almost two years, but having long, curly hair was not for me! I was forunate enough to have the support and encouragement of my husband when I decided to do it!
Well, Joely had an exciting year as well. In February, he was kicked out of daycare. Yes! You read correctly. At first, we were bummed, but we later figured out that his care-providers were not as compotent as we thought. He now is with Rebecca who is wonderful! I had the pleasure of teaching Rebecca's children years ago. Her son Austin is a freshman at Richland College and her daughter Shelby is a freshman at Berkner High School. Shelby often baby-sits for us on date-nights too. Both "kids" are the kind of children who make parents proud! While with Rebecca, Joel has mastered baby-sign language and is now beginning to talk. Rebecca also takes Joely to a preschool program called "Gym Dandies," and he loves it!
In May, we celebrated Joel's first birthday with two birthday parties!!! His New Jersey grandparents hosted a baseball themed party in their home, and we hosted a Sesame Street themed party in our home. Both parties were amazing!
Since entering his 2nd year, we have seen more of Joely's little personality come out--good and bad! He imitates his father, but loves on me! He is obsessed with Sampson & Maya. He imitates their growling, tries to eat their food, gets in the cage with them, kicks them and chases them. Fortunately, they love him too. I think our neglected pups are just glad to get some attention again! Since the weather is cooler, I've started walking with them.
What is in store for 2013? Murad will continue working as a social worker. I will change gears a bit and teach developmental reading for a small, Christian university. Joely will turn two (help!). Sampson and Maya might get a break from Joely once he figures out that he's not a dog! We plan to travel and hopefully do some remodeling on our home. We are looking forward to the new year!
Happy New Year from the Campbells!

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